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Attract Qualified Prospects: Experience a surge of leads eager for your offerings.


Increase Client Inquiries: Wake up to an inbox filled with potential clients who value your services.


Automate Sales Efficiency: Replace idle hands with our 24/7 automated sales funnels.

Unstoppable Growth with Sales Funnels

Imagine a marketing system that works around the clock, bringing in qualified leads and driving sales while you focus on what you do best. That’s the power of sales funnels.

- 24/7 Automation: Our sales funnels automate your entire lead generation process. No more manual follow-ups or missed opportunities. Your business works even when you're not.

- High-Quality Leads: Stop wasting time on cold prospects. Our funnels target and attract the most interested and ready-to-buy clients, maximizing your conversion rates.

- Establish Authority: Delivering valuable content at each stage of the funnel not only educates your prospects but also builds trust. They see you as the expert they need.

Break Through Barriers

Think sales funnels are too complicated or not right for your business?

Our proven strategies make implementation straightforward and highly effective.

Join the ranks of businesses that have transformed their lead generation and sales with our expertly designed funnels.

It’s time to leave outdated methods behind and embrace a new era of space marketing.

Need help with your Space Marketing?

  • Why just grow when you can dominate your market?
    Discover proven ad strategies and cold outreach tactics give you a steady stream of clients, consistently and predictably.

  • Worried about leads slipping through the cracks? Not on our watch!
    Leverage AI-powered CRM and automations are designed to keep every single lead in your orbit. No lead forgotten. No opportunity missed.

  • Reclaim your time and focus on what you do best.
    Let our experts help you with the complex, gritty details of your space marketing.

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What Are Others Saying?

"Having led nine-figure deep space mission proposals at NASA and founded two companies, I realized I was completely ignorant of marketing. It's been an enjoyable illuminating experience and I have learned just how little I knew about effective business communication throughout my entire career!"

Jeff Nosanov


"Jonathan and his team really have what it takes to get you to the next step. This is something that I definitely wish that I could have done sooner."

Emily Apollonio

Analog Astronaut

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"Jonathan is now my go-to guy for all things in my digital marketing campaign! We literally started from scratch, and in only a few short months, he helped me create a website, create and grow an email list, develop a roadmap for creating an online course, and provided immersive guidance on social media content and advertising."

Rosana Sotile

Small Business Owner

Space Launch Academy

Learn how to get space industry clients and join a community of passionate space professionals.

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What If You Could Secure New High-Value Clients in the Space Industry Every Single Month?

What If You Could Secure a New High-Value Client in the Space Industry Every Single Month?

Imagine starting each month with a new client already knocking on your door. That's what we offer in the Space Launch University mastermind community.

In the space industry, consistent client acquisition isn't just nice—it's necessary.

Forget the old playbook; our revolutionary methods will change how you attract your ideal clients.

At Space Launch Academy, we don’t just help you fill your pipeline—we show you how to supercharge your entire approach to client acquisition.

Get ready to transform your understanding and strategy with direct response space marketing techniques that consistently produced high-value clients in the space industry.

More Testimonials

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"For those in search of a marketing expert with a profound understanding of the space sector—an invaluable asset for any business. His proficiency in advertising is out of this world, our team even jokes that he can do it in his sleep 😄"

Ksenia Ozkok

ReBrand Academy


"Jonathan brings a dynamic energy to the field of space marketing. If you want someone on your team who can turn clicks into customers or elevate your business's marketing strategy with both skill and a smile, Jonathan is your go-to expert"

Dimitri Martin


Discover How To Build Relationships On Autopilot

Leverage the power of A.I and lead generation for the space industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Space Launch Agency for?

We help space industry companies, entrepreneurs and founders, space professionals, authors, influencers and course creators who have a space-driven mission.

What is marketing in the space industry?

Space marketing is a marketing strategy that promotes products or services in the space industry through strategic communications. Read more.

The industry is not all rockets and boring government press releases! Hundreds of New Space companies seeking traction in a thriving industry, service providers hunting leads, government space agencies launching marketing campaigns, longtime component manufacturers trying to grasp modern automations, and small ecommerce businesses all can benefit from our services and/or programs. Sound like you? Book a call!

What sets Space Launch Agency apart from the rest?

Here’s the deal: we're not just marketers; we're space industry insiders. Our services, masterminds and programs bring insider knowledge to your campaigns, crafting strategies that set you a part and help you get leads and sales without wasted ad budgets or overpriced marketing retainers.

Why does space marketing need a special touch?

Space isn’t just about exploring the stars—it’s about connecting with the right audience on Earth. Space marketing strategies that convert and attract your ideal clients go beyond traditional ads. We build narratives that help convey the value of your projects and connect directly with your ideal clients decision-makers and influencers in the space sector. We navigate the unique challenges of this industry, ensuring your message breaks through the noise.

What if I don’t have a company yet? Am I too early to get started?

Absolutely not! Whether you're just toying with a stellar idea or ready to chart your course in the space industry, talking to one of our consultants is a great first step. We understand that every great mission begins with a single spark. Our consultants can evaluate where you're at and explore the kind of support you might need to turn that spark into a blazing comet.

For those just starting out, we offer a treasure trove of free resources designed to get your engines running. Plus, our lower-priced mastermind groups can connect you with fellow emerging space entrepreneurs to share insights and grow together. And when you're ready to take that giant leap, our high-ticket premium services will be here to launch you not just into orbit, but beyond! Don't wait—your space industry journey starts with a conversation. Why not make that call today?

What if I need to abort the mission?

Mission flexibility is key. You can disengage at any time—no hard feelings. We aim for stellar results and happy partnerships, but we understand that missions can change. All we ask is a two-week heads-up to ensure no projects are lost in space!

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